5 Reasons Soup Is The Best Food EVER!

Today, we wanted to share a fun blog to admire the greatness that is, SOUP!

Soup has been our personal favorite food since childhood, but we were thinking deeply about this on this beautiful Saturday...and we wanted to make an argument for why soup is the best food, PERIOD.

(Important to note this is not serious, just an opinion piece 😊)

Without further ado, let's go over the 5 reasons soup is the BEST food ever:

😍 Let's dig a little deeper into these points...

1. We've cooked dozens of soups for the blog, and have purchased soups from numerous restaurants. Comparing take out and the cost for other meals, soup is one of the most cost effective foods. Our most budget friendly soup that you MUST try is our $15 Thai Chicken Curry Soup (this lasted 4 meals!). Easy homemade soups require a few simple ingredients and very low effort. If you've never cooked anything at home, give soup a try! We have so many awesome recipes here on the blog for you to try 😜

2. Name a culture on earth that does not have a soup as a core part of their diet. Soup is fundamental in the human diet and has sustained us for thousands of years. We named a full list of International Soups in the Magical Healing Powers of Soup. The plethora of soups that exist around earth are so diverse and so beloved. A good soup has the power to provide common ground where there is conflict ❤

3. What food do we eat when we're feeling sick? Soup! Because it has magical healing powers ✨ Soup is the go to food when our body is in need of TLC. The way the flavors, herbs, seasonings combine in soup can seldom be matched by other foods. Pho, chicken noodle, hearty chowders and vegetable rich soups are the perfect addition to your healing process.

4. Dovetailing off the previous point, soup is one of the healthiest foods around. The warmth, richness in vegetables, minerals, and other critical vitamins makes soup the perfect healthy food. Even unhealthier varieties of soup have nostalgic benefits. But nearly any homemade soup is guaranteed to be a great addition to your diet! A simple and perfect starter soup is our Butternut Squash Recipe. We highly recommend to give it a try, it is absolutely delicious and so good for you!

5. From ramen to curry to chowder, soup has some of the most incredible and delicious flavor profiles that exist. There are few foods that you can get away with combining so many different ingredients. You can essentially chop up any veggie or meat, throw it in a pot with some water, and create a delicious and unique soup. Soup can be 2 easy ingredients or 20+.. with soup, the possibilities are endless!

We hope you had some fun reading this! Let us know your thoughts on this! Or, if you have any more reasons why soup is the best food ever 😋 And of course, tell us what your favorite soup is!

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