Curried Green Lentil & Ham Soup

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

This is a healthier spin on an old classic, Split Pea & Ham. This has been one of my favorite soups for my whole life, so this was a delectable and delightful experience!

Green lentils are split pea's healthier lentil cousin, so I decided to give it and shot. I was not disappointed. I couldn't tell the difference, and got the added benefits of lentils! Although split pea is still pretty healthy on it's own. I added bell pepper to kick up the flavor, and curry for a nice surprise. With only a couple weeks left in winter, this was a perfect soup to celebrate the season.

As is with my new tradition, here is this week's preparation video! I hope you enjoy, this ended up Vlog #6 for a 10-day vlog challenge I am currently doing. I am going to move these videos over to my other YouTube channel, so please subscribe if you enjoy watching them ;)


1 thick slice of Ham

1 cup of diced Pancetta

2 cups Green Lentils

1 Red bell pepper

3 Shallots

2 table spoons Garlic

32 oz veggie broth broth

12 oz water

3 Carrot / celery / 2 parsnip

Olive oil


Black pepper


Curry powder


Chop bell pepper, celery, carrot, parsnip, and shallot

OPTIONAL: Use Immersion blender to chop ham into fine pieces (or, chop ham into small pieces)

On Saute mode, lightly brown pancetta and add shallots and garlic

Continue to brown until aromatic

Add all veggies into the pot

Saute for 2-3 minutes, occasionally stirring

Add ham and gently stir

Add veggie broth, water, curry powder, black pepper, and salt

Pressure cook on normal for 25 minutes

Once safe, open pressure cooker & blend soup with immersion blender until creamy

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