Unemployed? The Soup Troupe Can Help You!

About two weeks ago, I floated a question to my network on LinkedIn: "What is a low impact, simple way to get involved with my community during quarantine?"

One of my wonderful ex-colleagues, Dave, suggested to help folks with their resumes and I couldn't help but think:

I worked as a professional resume writer and workforce manager for three years, in the best position I have held throughout my career. I agreed with Dave that this was a fantastic offering and way for me to utilize a skill set that I have neglected for quite some time.

I wanted to start by offering support free of charge and have worked with ~5 people to great effect!

This seed of an idea has now blossomed into inspiration for how I want to drive business and support to as many as I can moving forward.

If you are in need of resume review, job coaching, advice on how to navigate the workforce during unemployment, look no further! I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area that I would be honored to share.

CLICK HERE to book an hour consultation session. Please be sure to send the most recent version of your resume prior to our conversation.

Here is some feedback from folks I have supported so far:

Woah Sarah, my resume really looks smooth, less choppy and clean. I felt that was a really great conversation, too!  Thank you so much for you sharing your skills with me, the encouragement and advice was especially motivating and empowering.  Really appreciate it, Terrance
Thank you so much, this is so helpful! I'm wrapping up those changes and will start to distribute it tomorrow. Hoping you stay healthy and sane in this crazy time! - Kelly
I really appreciate your help and advice with this. I'm going to with on a webpage as well. And you're right I just need to do it! 😁 - Samanta


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If you would like to consult with Sarah on her journey or would like to collaborate with The Soup Troupe, please email sarah@the-soup-troupe.com

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