What is Holistic Health?

Updated: May 13, 2020

I have mentioned this before, but Americans have been tossed into the spin cycle from HELL for the last 3 years. The media has been controlled by some force aimed to confuse the masses and spread incredible amounts of disinformation. All at the exact same time these companies have started to thrive. Is this a coincidence?

I think not. The president himself has said time & time again that media outlets lie, leading to mass confusion and the disarmament of free speech.

Americans are always looking for the answer to longevity, the key to great health, extended youth, wrinkle-free skin, long, silky hair. They will do whatever they can to maintain these things while not seeming to understand how their behavior may impact the way they appear. They want to continue doing whatever they want without any outward effects.

A year ago, I was lost in that spin cycle from hell. I led an absolutely horrible lifestyle and wondered every day why my body was falling apart, why I was crippled by anxiety, depression, and substance abuse issues. Well. I had to swallow the hard fucking pill that I was doing it to myself.

Today marks 1 year since I started taking anti-depressants (big pharma came for me, and they got me). I spent the last decade of my life fearful of seeing a therapist or taking anti-depressants because our hospital systems were truly so fucked up. But, I finally had good health coverage at my job and I was at the end of my rope. I had to finally surrender my fears and seek out the help I needed.

As my prescribed medicine started kicking in, the crazy and very false constructions that had been built in my mind started tumbling. Slowly but surely I moved back to reality and realized what can cure my woes is changing my behavior and opening my mind to new ideas.

As my behavior improved, I realized that true health comes from healing every part of yourself. The mental, emotional, intellectual, social, financial, physical, environmental, spiritual, occupational, energetic components that make up every part of us. If one of these areas starts to sag, the rest will suffer. I learned through experience how important holistic health really is. How important it is to keep all of these components in balance.

So I became a self proclaimed "holistic health advocate" not realizing this label just may associate me with the above mentioned group of phonies and liars. I will not let those people tarnish or embarrass the label of "holistic health" without saying something about it!

When I say that I am a "holistic health advocate" I mean, I am a person who stands up for the mechanisms that wholly heal an individual. I advocate and promote healing of the ten areas I mentioned above. I promote everybody to look at the whole of these components and understand their juxtaposition with each other. How they effect each other, and how bringing balance into your life will allow these components to feed into each other, thus improving your overall well being.

That is what true holistic health is, and I will continue to stand up for it. I hope more people can understand and jump on board with this more simplified version of holistic health, and we can say a collective SCREW YOU to the pyramid schemes ruining the sanctity of living a genuine, clean life.


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